Querying Data

To retrieve data from a table and use it in your theme you need to first connect to the Query engine

Create a new Query

Create a new

$table = new Query('pages');

Retrieving the Cache

To return an array of all the entries in the cache

$records = $table->getCache();

Returning the results

to return an array of results use get()

$records = $table->get();  

Finding Records

Use find() to search the records, the following operators are supported, =, !=, >, >=, <, <= and like.

e.g. to retrieve all pages Authored by Mike.

$records = $table->getCache()->find("author = Mike")->get(); 

Operators can be combined.

$table = new Query('blogs');
$records = $table->getCache()->find("author = Mike, tags = docs")->get();

will return all Blog entries authored by Mike and tagged docs

Order your results

You can order your result by a particular field and sort 'asc' or 'desc'

$records = $table->getCache()->order('pubdate','desc')->get(); 

Retrieve x number of records

To retrieve x number of records use top()

$records = $table->getCache()->order('pubdate','desc')->top(5)->get();

Will get the top 5 pages ordered by pubdate and sorted newest first.

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