Apache with Mod Rewrite

PHP 5.2.3 or higher

  • SimpleXML module

Note: we do not currently support any other platforms, but may in the future.


  • Download the latest version of OGMA CMS and extract the contents of the Zip File.

  • Upload by ftp the contents of the zip to your server.

  • Download and uploads any additional Language Files from the GitHub Repo into the folder /admin/languages

  • In your Web Browser navigate to the root of your new site and You will see this screen.

Welcome Screen


If you have installed additional languages the will be available in the dropdown.

Step 1 - Requirements


Please ensure all requirements are met before installation.

Step 2 - Site Information


Site Name - Enter the Site Name

Site URL - Enter the Site URL

Timezone - Select your Timezone

Date Format - Select Your Date Format

SALT - A one time System Generated SALT for security

Step 3 - Admin User Information


Username - Administrator User Name

First Name - First Name

Last Name - Last Name

Password - Admin Password

E-Mail - Admin E-Mail Address

Role - Set to ADMIN for the initial User

Step 4 - Finished


Once the installation is complete, it is recommended you remove the install folder.

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