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A new year, a new start

It's been a long time since my last post and with the new year comes a new start for OGMA and me.

Development has been quiet for the last 2 months due to workload and some sites I've been developing with OGMA.

So starting today I'll be doing regular (at least once a week) updates on the blog on the latest developments and where we are.

So I've redone the backend again, this time using AdminLTE template for the base.

Other than that I have 25 minor updates that I will fix over the next couple of weeks to ready the next major beta release 0.5.

Some of those big updates are:

  • New Gallery Plugin for full gallery admin

  • Page/Blog Drafts

  • Page/Blog Create/Modified/Published Dates

  • Table sorting to all views (Pages might be a bit tricky as we have subpages)

  • improved File manager

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